Saturday, February 6, 2010

My rise to victory *evil laugh*


Who will reign victorious? I will, obviously.

Those of you may remember my defeat at the paws of that idiotic mutt who sided with the Steelers, while I chose the Cardinals.
Midge simply tasted the deceptively sweet sensation known as - BEGINNERS LUCK.
And now I'm back with a vengeance >:D

If this year's competition will prove anything, it's that I have the drive and will-power to put that silly dog in her place. I put my money on the Colts. Actually, I put my apple slices on the a guinea pig, unfortunately, money does me no good :(

Tomorrow that dog will be eating crow - and I'm sure she'll like it, 'cause she'll eat anything.


Just in case you get tired of watching grown men tackle each other in the pursuit of a silly ball, you can always click on Animal Planet starting at 3PM ET to watch the return of the ever popular Puppy Bowl.

Adoptable puppies frolic and play on a mini football field. Kitties entertain for the half-time show. Bunnies appear as the cheerleaders. And hamsters man a blimp-cam.

Hamsters are my homies, so don't miss it!

Seriously, Puppy Bowl is better than the actual football game.

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